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silver strike!     prospectors struck silver in the wasatch mountains in utah in the early 1860's.

our silver strike design is a tribute to the silver miners who worked these mines and built communities like park city, utah.

silver strike echoes the geochemical process that created the deep silver mines.

a molten silver-rich liquid is floated on the surface of the glass piece while still on the blowpipe. the intense heat (over 2200? f) of the glassblowing process allows the pure silver to deposit onto the glass surface, forming layers of pure silver crystals, silver threads and even silver beads.
silver horizon - marine green

hands - and not want to put them down.
each piece in the silver strike series is individually made and unique. the vases shown here are examples, no two vases are identical.
silver horizon flasks      new!
flasks (6 - 10 inches high) are vases that have been flattened on two sides; the silver-rich liquid is floated on the upper half of the flask, leaving the transparent color of the glass to shine through at the base.
silver horizon - cobalt silver horizon - cobalt silver horizon - caramel silver horizon - royal purple
silver spray flasks      new!
flasks (8 - 14 inches high) are vases that have been flattened on two sides; silver has been applied to look like a spray of silver.
silver spray - cobalt silver spray - cranberry    
jewel vase
jewel vases are exquisite, symmetrical handfuls of glass that stand 3 to 3 ?inches high
jewel - cranberry jewel - cranberry jewwl - black jewel - sapphire jewel - red
jewel - cranberry
jewel egg - lavender
jewel egg - cranberry
jewe; - emerald green  
grand jewel vase
grand jewel vases are 5 inches in height.
grand jewel - sapphire blue grand jewel - cranberry      
open jewel vase
jewel vases are a taller (4 inches) 'open' shape, allowing a full interior view of the color patterns within the vase. they love to sit on windowsills with the sun illuminating their special transparent qualities from behind.
open jewel - emerald green open jewel - amethyst    
erratic vase
erratic vases (6 - 9 inches high) are strongly individual asymmetrical shapes, geological and tactile. we nickname these gem 'handwarmers' because clients like to cradle them in their hands - and not want to put them down.
erratic - amethyst    
silver strike vases are blown with a transparent color underlying the silver surface. this underlying color plays with the silver surface, creating windows of color through the silver. when you chose a color in the silver strike series, you are choosing what flashes of color will be seen.
colors: cranberry (gold-based deep crimson), emerald green, sapphire blue, silver sapphire blue (sapphire blue with mirrored interior).

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